Cycling to Cape Point

I know I’m seriously behind in this blogging, but in my defence, the place we’re staying in Durban has very limited Internet access. We’re getting WIFI tomorrow, so I’ll be able to update more then. In the meantime, here’s some more lovely photos.

So, I left off on Thursday. That day, Caroline and I went on a tour that took us down the Cape and all the way to Cape Point. It was a beautiful day – nice and sunny. A perfect day in South Africa. Our first stop was “seal island” (or seal rock, really, as someone else said), which we visited by boat. I was very excited to see some seals after spotting a couple of them in the harbour of Cape Town the day before. And it was pretty awesome. There were so many of them, some sunning themselves on the rocks, some swimming alongside the boat, and some timing their jumps into the ocean just as a wave crested. Brilliant.

The seals!

From there, we drove to Simon’s Town and then onto Boulder’s Beach, where a group of African penguins (known as the Jackass penguin. And no, I’m not making that up) have a colony. They were so cute!! Waddling around, all adorable. I think I could’ve watched them for a few hours, and I took WAY too many photos. But I’ll spare you – here’s just two of them. It’s the first time I’ve seen penguins in their natural habitat, and it was pretty spectacular.

Super cute penguins


Lazing around on the beach

Back in the bus, we spotted our first family of baboons! Our driver had told us it was likely we would see them, and that they are dangerous. I already knew this, having been on safari in Kenya and Tanzania. In fact, baboons border on being evil. They will grab your bag, dumping out the contents to find food. And they’re really quite bold. In Kenya, a baboon attempted to enter the bus I was on; luckily, all the girls screamed and it quickly rethought its journey.


They’re not as evil as hippos, mind you. Those things will kill you even if they’re not hungry. Kinda like humans, I guess… Anyway, I digress.

He looks like he owns the place! 

It was nearly time for lunch at this point, but before we could eat, we had to cycle 7 km, nearly reaching Cape Point. Caroline and I had not been told about this portion of the tour (the tour was just recommended by the B&B where we were staying), so we were not exactly dressed appropriately for athletics. Think sundresses and sandals. My shoes were especially not suitable for this type of thing – I’m just glad I only lost one shoe once and was able to go back and get it!

Look Ma, I made it!!

But despite our lack of proper footwear, and my having not ridden a bicycle for years, we made it all the way!! I was proud of us. 🙂

This really did not reassure me. Was there a REASON we should be praying for our driver?!?

We made it to our destination and had a very filling lunch. We were quite jealous of the group from India beside us, who had an amazingly-smelling hot Indian lunch. We asked if they wanted to train, but they smartly declined.

Caroline lying on the bottom jawbone of a whale after lunch

Next, we actually made it to Cape Point and walked up to the lighthouse on top of it. This was some of the most beautiful scenery I’d seen yet in the Cape.

Gorgeous Cape Point


Caroline and I at Cape Point, with the Cape of Good Hope behind us

From there, we travelled down to the Cape of Good Hope. Another stunning location!

Me at the Cape of Good Hope

It was a great, full, touristy day. Snoozing on the way back to our B&B, we were ready for the big day we’d have on Friday, visiting Surplus People Project.


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  1. Sounds like you’re making up for missing Pilates! (Wish I could say the same…)

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