Human Rights

LGBT Activists in Bangladesh Forced to Go Underground
Daily Xtra. 16 May 2016

India’s Third Gender Ruling Has Few Benefits, Say Trans Activists
Daily Xtra. 5 November 2015

Still a Crime to Be Gay in Sri Lanka
Daily Xtra. 27 October 2015

Queer Women in Pakistan Stifled by Patriarchy, Religious Oppression
Daily Xtra. 13 May 2015

Is Pakistan a Gay Man’s Paradise?
Daily Xtra. 5 May 2015

Germany’s Shame: Paragraph 175 and homosexuality
Daily Xtra. 8 November 2014

Rwanda: The Forgotten Victims
Pambazuka. 31 July 2014

Zambia’s Pervasive Homophobia
Daily Xtra. 26 July 2014

Standing Up For Farmers: Rural South Africans receive help
Mandate, United Church quarterly magazine, August 2012


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