Wandering Around Cape Town

My first full day in Cape Town was very relaxed and fun, but also steeped in the history of Apartheid. I’m here in Cape Town with Caroline Foster, Young Adult and Network Coordinator at KAIROS: Canadian Ecumencial Justice Initiatives. We started off wandering around the V & A Waterfront and perusing some of the craft stalls.

V & A Waterfront

Then we wandered over to Greenmarket Square, which had some amazing artwork. I bought a gorgeous painting of a local village scene in Kwazulu-Natal, but haggling at these markets always seriously stresses me out!!

Caroline at Greenmarket Square

A bill was passed in the South African parliament yesterday that is quite controversial and would basically enable corruption by making certain issues “state secrets” and “matters of national security,” preventing investigative journalism. It’s been all over the papers here. The BBC also had an article on it.

A church near Greenmarket square, stating their opinion on the bill

We then explored St George Cathedral, at the top of Government Avenue.

African Madonna and Child statue at St George Cathedral

COP 17 Poster in St George Cathedram

The Cathedral also had an exhibit on Apartheid, which was very interesting. I was surprised to see a member of The United Church of Canada’s Partner Council in one of the photos on display. Farid Esack, the only Muslim member of our Partner Council, was in Toronto in September and delivered a thought-provoking and challenging lecture at Beit Zatoun, partially on the similarities between South African Apartheid and the current situation in Israel/Palestine. And now that I’m here in South Africa, seeing and experiencing the history of Apartheid, I totally understand why individuals and organizations use the term Israeli Apartheid.


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  1. Good luck with trying to get things changed for the better. Too late to get a hard copy of this article and great image to you in Toronto, but maybe the electrons work – this is a sound condemnation of Canada’s overall stinking role in fanning the climate flames from the NRDC’s mag onearth.
    And there’s a great image of what we really look like as a nation…

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