Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I decided I should blog about my trip to Durban, where I’ll be participating in the “Youth for Eco-Justice” program. This is a transformational training program for young Christians aged 18-30 years. Addressing the links between environmental and socio-economic justice, it is jointly organized by the World Council of Churches and the Lutheran World Federation in the context of UN climate negotiations in the latter part of 2011.

I’ll be stopping off in London and Cape Town before arriving in Durban on November 26. Stay tuned for more updates!!


About kbardswich

Writer. Photographer. Activist. Lesbian. Feminist. Traveller. Voracious learner. Part-time shit-disturber.

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  1. KAITLIIIIIIIN! I am following your blog, oh yes, I am! 🙂 Have an awesome time and POST OFTEN. You know, unlike your last blog lol.

  2. Hahaha – well, since this is for work too, the pressure is on! 🙂

  3. so informative and very captivating. I have learned alot with your blog! thank you for the entertaining piece!

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