Celeb Sightings

So back in February, the BAFTAs (like the British Oscars) took place at the Royal Opera House, around the corner from my flat. My friend Jen and I decided to go, so we lined up for armbands, went back home to nap, and then went into “the pits” along the red carpet, where we got to see the stars. Here’s a sampling of my fav photos from that night:

Jen and I waiting to see the stars!

Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire
Sharon Stone – a presenter
Dominic Cooper, “Sky” from Mamma Mia. It was funny because there was a fan of his near us who just kept screaming “Dominic!!! DOMINIC!!!”
Penelope Cruz
Brad and Angelina – they are SO gorgeous and were really cute together.
The amazingly fabulous Meryl Streep
Look – it’s Bond! a.k.a. Daniel Craig
Goldie Hawn. She has for sure had work done. Like wow.
And Brendan Gleeson – Mad Eye Moody; and I loved him in “In Bruges”
And this afternoon, Jen and I are off to see Obama and the other 19 G-20 leaders here in London at Buckingham Palace (a.k.a. Harper, but he’s less exciting than Obama). Should be fun!
But right now, I must go get my yellow fever vaccine, in preparation for Rwanda. Ick.

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Writer. Photographer. Activist. Lesbian. Feminist. Traveller. Voracious learner. Part-time shit-disturber.

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  1. Wow, you’re living the high life, lady!Incidentally, apparently I’m a frighteningly intense Catholic.We need to talk soon! xoxoxDeb

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