when it snows…

I’ve heard before that when it snows in London, the city just can’t handle it.

And it snowed today, and seriously, I was expecting the army to be called in at any moment! It was ridiculous.
I left Paris VERY early this morning and it was snowing in Paris, and was really beautiful! But then, when we got to London, it was a madhouse! The Eurostar took us to St. Pancras, which is connected to King’s Cross. But when we got off the train, there were announcements that the underground at King’s Cross was closed. So we went outside, saw the gates being lowered at the tube entrances, looked at the taxi queue (it would take about an hour to actually get in a cab) and went to the bus stop. But after waiting about 5 min, we realized we were not seeing ANY buses. Later, we learned that all bus service was suspended. So then we trekked over to Euston station and finally got home.
Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. There were maybe 3 cm of snow where we were. The horrible part was that we’d been up at 5.30 am Paris time (4.30 London time), were exhausted, and I was carrying my duffle bag, plus a shopping bag and my purse. NOT fun.
When I finally arrived home and turned on my computer, I saw that LSE had also hopped on the “let’s freak out about the snow” bandwagon. All teaching was cancelled today, and all classes have also been cancelled tomorrow. Two snow days in a row for less than 20 cm of snow? Being Canadian, and being in Toronto a month ago during a few blizzards, it does make me laugh. But, at least I was able to have a genuine snow day today!! 🙂
To read about it, check out this link: SNOW
Info on Paris to follow…as it’s a snow day, you know I’m going to procrastinate at some point!!
p.s. My mom had her thyroid surgery this morning, and all went well! I spoke to her this afternoon, and she wasn’t in any pain, so it’s all looking good. She’ll be in the hospital for 2 nights, and then will be back home.

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  1. Guess what was on the front page of the Globe and Mail today? Yup. London snow. *mind boggles*

  2. wow, hahaha, so did i tell you about how i got stranded in istanbul for 26 hours for this very reason…and when i saw that the “snow” was basically a dusting, i was PISSED. also, my mom had parathyroid surgery recently! who knew?! i’m glad your mom’s went well.

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