This Weekend

This weekend has been amazing!
First, Friday was a bit tumultuous. It was my first full day at my internship for Minority Rights Group. I was up til about 1am editing a paper that was due Tuesday morning, and didn’t get to sleep til after 3am. Then got up at a horrid hour, dropped off my paper at LSE, realized I’d forgotten my Oyster card, bought a return ticket at Holborn, and got to work, already exhausted. It was a very very long day. I left at 6pm, got on the tube, and then heard the announcement: “Holborn is closed due to high volume.” WTF??? I now had to take a convoluted route home, and I was starving, and cold, and my new boots made my feet feel like death, and I was exhausted, and it was NOT good. Then I finally reached my building, just wanting to get on the elevator and crash on my bed. But BOTH elevators were out of service!! So I had to drag myself up to the fourth floor (the fifth in Canada/USA). Not good.
But then that evening my friends and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire. It is amazing! I’d recommend it to everyone. It won the people’s choice at the Toronto Film Festival, and I saw the one that came in second, and that was amazing, so I figured this one would be. And I was right!
Then I got up early Saturday to meet my friend Estee, and we got in line to get 10 quid tickets for the play PIAF. We got second row!! And then it was off to the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square to see the Annie Liebowitz exhibit.
I am in love with her. It was such an intimate exhibit; I enjoyed her personal photos, especially those of her partner Susan Sontag (who was also an incredible woman!) more than her celebrity ones, although those are, of course, mesmerizing as well.
As we left the exhibit, the protest against Israeli action in Gaza was setting up in Trafalgar Square. Here are some photos of that. It’s such a sad situation. A community health clinic that KAIROS (I worked for them in the summer) funds was hit by an Israeli missile last weekend. No one was killed, but now a place that helped Gaza’s poorest communities can no longer function. I heard about the ceasefire this morning, so hopefully that will bring some semblance of peace to the area. Hopefully innocent civilians, on both sides, will stop being killed.

On a lighter note, after lunch, we saw PIAF, and it was such an amazing show! The lead had an incredible voice! Plus, when we’d been waiting in line, this woman asked me if she could give me 10 pounds to buy her a ticket because you’re only allowed to buy 2 tickets per person and she needed three. So then she bought me some English fudge as a thank you and gave it to me at the theatre. It was SO sweet!!
I got home, washed about four days worth of dishes, and then went out for my friend’s birthday, which was so much fun! Six of us are going to Paris in 2 weeks, so we also booked our apartment, which looks incredible! I can’t wait!!
Today, I decided to go for a walk at dusk along the river (the North side), and snapped some photos like the tourist I still kinda am.

And now I am doing laundry and writing about the perpetration of atrocities. But, life is being pretty good to me! And my friend Eleanore is coming to stay with me on Tuesday for a week, so I can’t wait for that! 🙂


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