French and Saunders, Part 2

So, I went to see French and Saunders at their last performance a few weekends ago, with my cousin Deirdre from Ireland. It was AMAZING, again!! And there were a lot of celebs there too – Robin Williams walked right by me! But at first I thought they said ROBBIE Williams, so I didn’t really care, and then I later found out it was ROBIN Williams, so I really wish I was paying more attention. But I did see Alan Rickman – LOVE him!! And one of the guys from Little Britain (I know, I know, I really should pay more attention – it was the tall one if that helps). But I did get a fantastic photo with Jennifer Saunders – SO EXCITING!!!

Ok, so this will be the last time I mention them for awhile…I will try to avoid celebrity commentary for awhile. But it was just SO awesome!!! 🙂
This is me and Deirdre, after the show:



I love this photo of me and THE comedy goddess. It is currently my desktop photo (I know, I know – but I need something to distract me once in awhile from my readings about rape, torture, death, disease, etc, etc)


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