Inverness: In Which Kaitlin Almost Sees Nessie

Last week, I travelled to Inverness (Scotland) to meet my friend Christe and her husband Scott. The first day was lots of fun! I met some of their friends and we drank the night away at a local pub. The next day, we were all a bit worse for wear, but we still made it out to Loch Ness!
This is a photo of my at Loch Ness. At one point, as we were driving along, I saw two rocks sticking out of the lake and I honestly did a double-take to see if it was Nessie! I know, I know…my only “actual” sighting of the monster was on the small bottle of whiskey I bought my father.

 Here’s another view of the Loch. I think this is the part of the Loch where most of the sightings take place.
And a castle located on the shore of the Loch – imagine living here back when it was a working castle??
And this is when we stopped at a village along the Loch. Quite beautiful. The weather was a tad drab, but it was almost fitting considering we were at Loch Ness.


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  1. Is that Castle Urquhart overlooking the loch? Soooo pretty… Let’s get married and move there.

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