In the Beginning…

First of all, SO sorry for not updating for so long. But I have an excuse! I’ve been under the weather for the past two days (nothing incredibly horrible – just a bug that seems to be making its way around London), so that explains those days. THe other days? Well, let’s just say I’ve been busy trying to navigate this amazing city!
So here’s some photos from my first few days. My parents and I arrived on Friday the 19th and spent most of the day buying sheets, towels, etc for my new home-away-from-home. On Saturday we did some wandering around the city, and inadvertently stumbled on some kind of parade. (We later found out it had something to do with Belfast I think).

The architecture in London is SO amazing! Apologies for completely forgetting what this is, but it is pretty, isn’t it? 🙂

Look everyone – Big Ben!!
In the infamous British museum, this is the photo that my father took of me by one of the statues of Ramses II.

And I know some people will make fun of me for this, but I am seriously SO excited!!! Dawn French (of The Vicar of Dibley) and Jennifer Saunders (of Absolutely Fabulous) are two of my favourite comediennes and this is there LAST EVER tour (doing sketch comedy). I can’t wait!! I have tickets to see them in November! Plus, the theatre that they’re playing at is SO close to where I’m living. Thus, when I get lost, this giant sign helps me to find my way back (actually, this only happened once. I have now figured out how to get back to my apartment from several different directions!).

And now that I’ve figured out how to get the photos where I want them, I will post more regularly!

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